Caesars Air Charters - Ultimate Charter Offer Guide and FAQ

A must-read for anyone interested in booking Caesars Air charters

Ultimate Caesar Air Charter Offer Guide and FAQ

When we’re referring to “offer”, we’re referring to the offer for your rate to go on a Caesars Air charter

Basic concepts of charter rates (If you’re only going to read for the next 30 seconds, read this —>)

  • Offers are determined by your Average Daily Theoretical (or ADT) with Caesars Entertainment (Read more on ADT here)
  • Each Caesars Air charter trip has a unique criteria level that’s needed for a “comp” rate of $45 per person or more
  • Each Caesars Air charter property has different criteria levels that determine different rates (i.e. Lake Tahoe and Reno have higher criteria rates than Laughlin)
  • The charter team at Caesars Air is constantly evaluating each trip’s criteria level, and changing the criteria based on customer demand, and supply of remaining seats available

One example you need to read through

Okay, please read this as well. Let’s look a few imaginary guests (along with their ADTs) who’ve submitted quotes to go on a Harrah’s - Atlantic City charter from Indianapolis, IN on from 7/10 - 7/14. Let’s call it a Atlantic City boys trip get away  🙂

Interested guests and ADT

Criteria and rates for 7/10 - 7/14 charter to Atlantic City from Indianapolis, IN

Rates for guests to go on charter

As you can see in the example above, Bradley Cooper is quoted at $45 to go on charter, Ed Helms has a rate of $129, Zach Galifianakis has a rate of $399, and Ken Jeong’s rate is $650.

All of these rates are for each guest to have their own room.

Let’s say their interested in sharing rooms, and how their rates change

Sharing rooms rate

Not bad! That dropped their total price by over $1,000+. That’s more money for face tattoos, bail money, or however these hungover guys seem fit.

The Caesars Air Charter team evaluates the combined play of both guests in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions / Examples

“How are my rates determined”?

When you call Casino Gold Tours for a rate to go on a charter, we look up what your rate is, and the rate is based on the criteria of the trip.

“Do you offer the same price as when I call directly or try to get booked through the app”?

Yes. If you provide us with the Caesars Rewards number (and offer code if applicable), we will be able to get you booked at the same exact pricing.

“Okay, well why should I book with you”?

We offer the same pricing, we’ll start sending you additional offers you won’t get when you book directly, we have a rock-star staff of pros. We even wrote this helpful blog featuring our favorite movie gamblers. We go above and beyond, and when you book with us, you’re supporting a small, family-owned business.

“I tried to book the day the dates were released, and was told it’s sold out. How can the trip be sold out?”

  • Not every trip is available to book by every guest. The Caesars Air charter team may choose to ‘yield’ the trip to a certain comp criteria.
  • Certain trips have booking criteria that’s set at a certain ADT from the day they’re released, meaning guests below comp criteria may be told it’s sold out (to their play level), and they’ve been placed on the waitlist.

“How often does criteria for a trip change?”

  • Each trip is looked at on a near daily basis and re-assessed based on remaining inventory.
  • Typically, guests who pay $45 rates or better will more often than not, will continue to get quoted that rate. The same rule applies for guests who are quoted retail rates.

“Why are some trips have higher criteria than others?”

  • Some trips have much higher demand than others, which would cause the comp criteria rate to be increased.
  • For example, a trip over New Year’s Eve may have a comp criteria of 750 ADT, where as a weekday trip in January may have a comp criteria of 300 ADT

“I used to get comp’d trips, why does Caesars want me to pay?”

The answer here generally falls to one of the following:

  • The criteria for this trip (or all trips) has increased
  • Your ADT has dropped as of recent

I often hear this question from guests who were getting comp’d to go during Covid, when demand was lower than it was in 2021 and 2022. The comp criteria in 2023 is now higher than what it was during Covid, which is where these discrepancies may fall.

“I’m a Diamond player - why do I have to pay to go on this trip?”

Booking criteria is based on ADT, and your tier status is NOT evaluated when looking at charter rates. Let’s look at the following example →

  • Frank plays for 30 minutes a day, 5 days all year at his local Caesars casino.
  • Sally goes on two separate 4-day trips to a Caesars casino, and plays for 6 hours each day on those trips.
  • Frank will likely achieve a higher tier status than Sally, but Sally will get better rates to go on a charter, because she has a higher ADT than Frank.

“I haven’t played with Caesars Rewards in a few years - how far back will they look at my play?”

Typically, your play is rated in the past 24 months.

I hope you found this helpful!

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